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Insuring any business with Murken Insurance begins with a discussion of your specific business goals and potential risk. While every business has specific goals and unique risks, working with Mary means finding the coverage that fits.

Risk Review

Review the following list of risks to get a better sense of the potential risk your business might be facing. After reviewing your business risks, take a look at the options for safeguarding your business available with Murken Insurance.

  • If your company produces goods and transports them to the client for installation, how do you protect the goods during transport?
  • If you company’s data files were hacked and client information was leaked, how would you handle the liability?
  • If your company experiences a product recall, how do you recover the loss?
  • High workers’ compensation mod rates can result in lost business. How do you decrease risk and regain business?
  • As contractor you damage a client’s property, how do you manage those repair costs?
  • If a natural disaster damages your office building and employees cannot work, can you maintain your income flow?
  • Types of Coverage

    General Liability Insurance – financial protection in the situation that you or your employees have caused bodily or property damages to a third party.

    Commercial Umbrella Coverage – added liability protection for unexpected circumstances.

    Data Breach – helps cover the costs associated with leaks of sensitive information.

    Bonds – Contract performance bonds, right of way bonds, notary bonds and sheriff’s indemnity bonds can aid businesses in reducing compliance risks.

    Contents Coverage – protects your business’ contents like furniture, production equipment, and fixtures. Also provides insurance coverage for your inventory and can be insured at your selling price.

    Electronic Data – coverage to replace damaged computers, phones and their software including the interruption to your business.

    Installation Floaters – protects a contractor’s work in process.

    Inland Marine Coverages for Tools and Equipment – protects tools and equipment off-site from theft, fire and mysterious disappearance.

    Workers’ Compensation Coverage – a standard coverage often required by the state to pay for employee injuries, medical bills and lost time from work when injured on the job.

    Crime Coverage – Theft, fraud or employee dishonesty can damage your business’ financial future. Crime coverage can protect you whether the crime is internal or external, businesses with crime coverage are protected from crime risks.

    Directors and Officers – This protects the board members if legal action is brought against the board for alleged wrongful acts. Legal defense of the board is included in this coverage.

    Buy-Sell Agreements– A form of life insured purchased to fund a business sale transaction. Each business partner purchases a policy on the other partner where the proceeds are to bused to  purchase the business in the event that one partner dies.

    Errors & Omissions – Failing to provide a professional service or providing faulty professional advice can cost your business large legal fees. This coverage provides legal defense and payments for costs involved with litigation.

    Questions about business insurance?

    Let Mary protect your business for years to come. If you have questions about business insurance, call Mary at 920-651-1500.