Homeowners and Renter’s Insurance

The right protection for your home and family

Homeowner's Insurance

Common sense tells us that insurance is key to protecting your home, your family and your belongings. Whether you are concerned about protecting your house, apartment, condo or rental property, the big questions are: how much insurance and what types of coverage do you need? Murken Insurance helps you develop a coverage plan to address your concerns, promote peace of mind and protect your largest investment.

Protection for Homeowner’s

Property Coverage – Homes are often underinsured. Work with Mary to complete an insurance valuation to determine your home’s replacement value.Valuation of your home is determined by calculating the amount it would cost to repair your home with today’s dollars. It is important to consider a value that has the appropriate limits for any potential reconstruction needs.

Personal Liability – In addition to property coverage, you also need to protect yourself against potential liability risks. Personal liability risks to consider include:

  • Someone being injured on your property.
  • Any damage that you cause to property or people while on vacation.
  • Personal Injury coverage associated with libel, slander, or defamation of character.
Water-Sewer Backup Coverage – Standard property coverage does not protect a homeowner from damage sustained due to a sewer backup or sump pump failure. Your furnace, water heater, washer and dryer are just a few of the items that can be damaged by a water related loss. Adding water-sewer backup coverage helps repair or replace damaged items.
Flood Insurance Coverage – Flood Insurance is provided through the National Flood Insurance Program to participating communities. Visit https://www.floodsmart.gov/floodsmart/ to learn more.

Homes Under Construction Coverage – Building your dream home? Protect your new home the during construction phase. Without this coverage the following may not be covered by your existing insurance:

  • Lost, stolen or damaged building materials and tools
  • Damage to your home during the construction process
  • Foundation collapse
  • Vandalism

Special Limits for Special Property – Do you have special jewelry, fine arts, guns, stamp collections or other expensive items in your home? These high value items often need to be scheduled on your homeowner’s, condo or renter’s policy to ensure they are protected in the case of damage, theft or mysterious disappearance.

Protection for Renters

Renter’s Insurance – Apartments get broken into and fires happen. Whether or not you caused the fire, you will need a place to stay. Renters insurance helps protect your belongings with contents coverage and provides liability coverage for the days when unfortunate events happen.

Protection for Condominium Owners

Condo Insurance – A heads up for condo owners. Your condo association by-laws determine your insurance responsibility. Murken Insurance will review your association documents to assist in determining the appropriate insurance limits for your unit.

Loss Assessment Coverage – Your association can pass the financial responsibility for covered losses, liability or property, directly to each owner.  Discuss with Murken Insurance to determine an appropriate amount of coverage.

Insurance for Rental Property Owners

Are you a landlord? Protect yourself from potential risks that include:

  • Property damage
  • Liability claims including:
    • Unlawful eviction
    • Invasion of privacy
    • Discrimination claims
    • Loss of rental income

Proper building valuation and property insurance coverage will help protect your investment. Murken Insurance, we discuss your coverage options and your risk threshold to find appropriate coverage before you put up that “For Rent” sign.

Other Coverage to Consider

Cottage or Vacation Property Insurance – Your cottage up north needs to be protected too, and we are happy to help you find the right coverage.
In-home Business Insurance – Your home business is valuable and it needs its own protection. We look at the specifics of your business and determine how to protect your in-home business. In some cases, home business coverage may not be a good fit for your homeowner’s policy. Mary helps you determine the best coverage fit for your business. View our commercial insurance page for additional coverage information.

Personal Umbrella Insurance – When truly unexpected events happen, how do you protect your assets and cover any accompanying legal fees? For example:

  • Someone jumps your backyard fence, falls into your pool and sustains major injuries.
  • While renting, you cause a kitchen fire that spreads to a good portion of your building and causes smoke damage to your neighbor’s unit.
  • You have a tragic accident on the highway in which one or more individuals are injured and require life-long care.

Personal umbrella coverage provides additional protection for these events beyond the limits of your home or auto insurance. This coverage works in conjunction with your home and auto insurance to protect your cash assets, savings and investments in the case of an unfortunate and costly incident.

Questions about home and renter’s insurance?

The place you call home is an important place. At Murken Insurance, we help protect it. If you have questions about Homeowner’s, Condominium or Renter’s Insurance, call Mary at 920-651-1500.