Life and Health Insurance

Simplifying the options for you

Homeowner's Insurance

Myriads of options surround life and health insurance coverage. If you are considering a change inlife or health insurance coverage or looking at your choices as a first time consumer, this is a great place to start. Read on if you are:

  • An individual looking for life insurance or health insurance coverage for yourself or your family.
  • A business owner identifying group plan options for your employees.

Health Insurance and Disability Insurance Group Plans

Business owners, did you know that some small businesses offering employee health insurance may qualify to receive a tax credit? Many insurance companies also have wellness plans available that bring money back to the company when employees reach specific levels of wellness. If you are interested in setting up a group health insurance plan for your employees, call Mary to get started.

Employers often ask if they should or why they should offer disability insurance? Answer: Disability insurance is cost-effective while still providing employees coverage that they may not have access to outside of a group plan.

Health Insurance Individual Plans and Supplements

The rising costs of healthcare coverage make finding the right personal health care plan even more important. At Murken Insurance we work with several well known health insurance companies care to create the coverage for you.

Murken Insurance can also help answer your questions about Individual Disability and Long Term Care Insurance plans. You may have questions about disability insurance if you are:

  • Sole proprietors who are generally not covered under a worker’s compensation policy.
  • Business owners who typically exclude themselves from worker’s compensation plans to save money.
  • Individuals who are not covered by disability insurance policy at work.

Life insurance group and individual plans

Care for your family after you are gone. When considering life insurance options, think about how much it will cost to provide for your family without your income.

Tips for determining your life insurance needs:

  • Consider your total debt
  • Future needs of your family. How much will it cost to send the kids to college? How much will it cost to pay off the mortgage?
  • Maintaining health benefits for your family

Schedule a meeting with Mary to define the amount of life insurance you need and what you can reasonably afford.

Long-term care coverage is complex and the coverage needed varies greatly for every individual and family. Mary can help answer all of your long-term care questions and explain coverage options that can meet your future needs.

Tips for long-term care coverage:

  • Shop for long-term care long before you will need it.
  • Long-term care coverage can be added as a rider on your life insurance policy to insure a death benefit and long-term care coverage.
  • Be aware that medical insurance and medicare have very specific limits on any long-term care types of coverage. Separate long-term care coverage is the best way to ensure you have access to continued care.

Who should consider long-term care coverage:

  • Anyone in poor health or who suffers from a condition that will cause health to deteriorate over time.
  • Anyone who may have family with a limited ability to provide care as you age.

Medicare Insurance Products

If you are approaching 65, already Medicare eligible or getting ready to retire , it may be time to look into options available to you. Murken Insurance can help simplify the process and clarify your options.

Set up an appointment with Mary to discuss your situation, needs, and coverage options. Mary will help you to determine what combination of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and/or Medicare Part D best fits your needs.

Questions about health & life insurance?

Let Mary protect your business for years to come. If you have questions about business insurance, call Mary at 920-651-1500.